Written by Melenie Tudor

Join the #STRONGBONDS Revolution!

Want to protect your hair from the wind and rain this Autumn / Winter? We’ve got just the products for you!

The new era of hair bonding services has arrived!

Bonding technologies are taking the hairdressing world by storm! We’ve joined the revolution and so can you, with Schwarzkopf Professional’s NEW STRONG BONDS range of premium hair bonding services.

You can enforce hair bonds with Fibre Bond Technology integrated into FIBREPLEX products.


Schwarzkopf Professional’s first Bond Enforcing System that will protect hair from breakage during the lightening, high lifting or colouring process with bond creation and long-lasting colour protection.

FIBREPLEX minimises hair breakage by up to 94%, setting colourists free from the fear of compromising hair quality during the chemical colouring process.

Supreme hair quality is guaranteed after colouration with no perceivable colour shift or time added for development.

We’ve got the perfect FIBREX treatment for you…

We’re offering our customers FIBREPLEX shampoo at half price along with a FREE bond maintainer all for just £22 in store!


We also have the new edition BC FIBRE FORCE treatment, a new dimension of hair repair returning even most eroded hair to its optimal level of force and resilience.

Contact us now, or drop into the salon to find out more about the BC FIBRE FORCE treatments we have on offer.

Don’t let your hair suffer this season!

Head to the salon today! Find us.