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Cut and Style

Our expert team will carry out FREE in depth consultations to assess your hair and personal requirements before cutting and styling. Consultations include hair and scalp analysis, assessment of hair texture, face shape and your hairs capabilities, to help you achieve your desired look.

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At En Route we have on board colour specialists one of which has achieved the much coveted qualification Schwarzkopf Royal Masters Colouring degree and Clynol Colour with Honours Degree. Specially trained they will help advise you which colour and application will best complement your look and style.

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Specialist Services

For anyone who is concerned about hair loss or thinning hair please contact us. We use a product called Nioxin, which helps create the best environment for hair to grow, Nioxin feeds and nourishes your hair. It’s a common problem and a huge source of stress. The truth about thinning hair is that it cannot be reversed with a cosmetic product, but with early detection, professional consultation, and advanced products and technologies, you can make the most of the hair you have.

Hair Extensions

We provide a full consultation and hair colour matching service with one of our extension experts. Price depends on length, colour and quality of hair to be used. Our multi-award-winning system is scientifically proven not to damage hair thanks to a unique inert polymer bond – non-allergy synthetic – which leaves no trace or residue. The hair is applied over three to four hours, but can last up to six months with regular maintenance appointments.The bonding material – containing natural products, such as pine kernel and orange peel extracts – is translucent and about the size of a grain of rice. As it takes on the colour of your own hair, the bonds are virtually invisible.

Home Care

Our stylists will give you advice throughout your visit about the best product to you to use at home including full product ranges from Nioxin, Racoon, Schwarzkopf and Alterna, an alternative organic bamboo range.

It addresses our quest for an inner balance and harmony, taking the hair and mind to a feeling of absolute well-being and luxury.